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International Institute for Scientific and Academic Collaboration,Inc

Semester program in India with University of Kerala

Seeking Kerala roots for High school students

Faculty-led Biodiversity studies in Kerala

Education tourism in Kerala for groups

IISAC’s encyclopedic reference book on Kerala


IISAC( International Institute for Scientific and Academic Collaboration) is a non –profit organization registered in New Jersey, USA in 1998 for promoting cultural understanding and international education through faculty led programs , experiential learning , youth enrichment activities, international research, and for molding a generation of students who will be successful in the liberalized 21st century global society (

During the last 15years, IISAC has achieved various collaborative efforts in higher education between USA and India, which can be grouped into four types of study abroad programs:

  • Semester long study at the University of Kerala.
  • Faculty-led tropical biodiversity and cultural studies in Kerala
  • Leadership summer camps in Kerala for the Malayali Diaspora.
  • Experiential learning programs in different parts of Kerala

IISAC has created several short and semester long study abroad opportunities in one of the most geographically and culturally diverse and exotic places in the world-Kerala, at the Southern tip of India. This enriching location of tropical green forest, wildlife, serene beaches and backwaters is an ideal study abroad destination for tropical biodiversity and cultural studies.

Our signature study abroad programs in Kerala include:

  • Semester India Program with the University of Kerala ,Thiruvananthapuram (
  • Seeking the Roots through summer camps for high school students of Kerala origin across the globe from June to August, to develop leadership skills.(
  • IISAC’s several faculty led programs for US universities in Kerala on tropical biodiversity and cultural studies (
  • Group Kerala travel program for foreigners from 6-10 days through IISAC’s tour division ‘Tripthi’ (
  • International faculty development seminars, professors for inspiration program, collaborative research, joint grant preparation, service and experiential learning. ( )
  • The encyclopedic book published by IISAC on Kerala called ‘Introduction to Kerala Studies’ that supports IISAC education tourism initiatives in Kerala

Kerala program Administrators

Sunny Luke is the founder chairman of IISAC. He is also an American Medical Scientist and Professor with more than 70 publications in various areas of research: medical genetics, molecular pathology, human evolution, stem cell technology and tissue engineering. Being the current program director of international education and research of IISAC, Dr.Luke has been leading the US study abroad students through Kerala for the last 15years .He is also one of the editors of the encyclopedic book on Kerala Introduction to Kerala Studies.

Alex V. Koshy one of the founders of IISAC, is now working as a volunteer Executive Director of the IISAC office in New Jersey. He oversees the administrative and financial activities of IISAC in relation to students recruitment, student visa issues, US and Indian collaborations and office management .He is also in charge of the “Seeking the Roots Program”, known as “Summer in Kerala” program of IISAC for high school students in USA and Canada. / /

Celine Charth is the PRO of IISAC, India and also the cultural coordinator of Study Abroad Kerala. As part of the program she is responsible for taking care of students’ orientation activities, organizing cultural immersion activities in yoga, meditation, dance, music and also managing the students’ travel and tour programs once they arrive in India. She brings her proved leadership skills from the Canadian Malayali community for the benefit of the IISAC students in Kerala.

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