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Group Travel - Tripthi

IISAC’s high-end travel division called Tripthi is developed for educated travelers to visit and discover the real Kerala for 6-20 days. This travel program is uniquely developed and is drastically different from other tour programs already existing in Kerala. This was developed very similar to National Geographic and Smithsonian’s world famous discovery tours of various continents and exotic locations.

Based on IISAC’s 15 year experience of study abroad program of India for US universities, our experts created a specific curriculum for Tripthi travelers which includes lectures of general interest, cultural immersion activities in cuisines, costumes, yoga, meditation, dance, music and martial arts and carefully selected travel destinations including sandy beaches, serene backwaters, farm lands, lofty mountains, wild life sanctuaries, spice gardens and cultural centers.

This program will also provide you with an opportunity to encounter the uniqueness of Kerala- its history, its socio-economic factors and its culture. For this, we will host discussions and invite subject experts to explore these topics.

Our travelers can also share their global perspectives while visiting Kerala.

Travelers spend time interacting with locals to gain glimpses of Kerala beyond the glossy photos. In addition, interested travelers are invited to lead discussions on a topic of choice with local students.

Education Tourism Programs in Kerala

IISAC “Tripthi” division caters to the travel and tourism needs of educated travelers by offering customized programs as follows:

1. International Faculty Development Seminars

IISAC offers faculty development seminars for young professors and administrators from all over the world in Kerala during their semester breaks. This program is to introduce them to Kerala, its rich culture and biodiversity. The 10 day seminar format will contain lectures by subject experts, site visits and study tours. All lectures will be provided in cooperation with the University of Kerala.

The purpose of the seminars is to stimulate the development of new courses in their universities with a global perspective or revise the existing courses, building relationship with the faculty counterparts in Kerala, promoting new collaborative research projects and publications. Seminar topics will vary from year to year. Some of the planned seminar topics are as follows:

  • Biodiversity , Ecology & Environmental Challenges
  • Religious Pluralism & Identity of Malayalees
  • Family , Caste , Marriage & Women Empowerment
  • Spices , Spice History & Cuisines of Kerala
  • Vector Borne Tropical Diseases & Medical Tourism
  • Indian Alternative Medicine (Ayurvedic)

2. University Alumni get together in Kerala

“Tripthi” offers opportunities for university alumni from USA to get together with their families in Kerala for a week at exotic destinations like Munnar, Kumarakom and Kumily. This will be a special event organized by IISAC with identified foreign university administrators, general interest lectures and cultural immersion activities.Adventure and nature camps will be part of the program.

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